Being fulfilled at work?


“Become such as you are, having found out what that is” Pindar

A website for those of you who are looking for a career change.


Drained and emptied by your work, you are wondering “what’s the point in waking up every morning”?

You have no energy left to do what matter to you most

Your confidence and self-esteem levels are dropping hard : the more you look for job offers online, the more untalented and unskilled you feel

You feel confused and lost: you know that you no longer want your current job, but you have no clue about what is coming next and it’s really scary.

What if I don’t succeed? What if I get rejected ? How am I going to pay my bills? 

So far, no satisfying answer to those questions.

How do I do to be fulfilled at work?

How do I dare seizing this job I secretly dream about despite of not being qualified for it?

How do I do to be more self-confident?

How do I succeed my career change?

Welcome to the place where you are finally going to get answers!

I am Yayi,
Talent-Catalyst and I help you live a fulfilling, meaningful and bright professional life!
How? By identifying and activating your very own unique skill-mix.


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