Umanda Style

Umanda’s coaching style

Change doesn’t need to be painful and difficult to be sustainable and efficient. This is why coaching is such a powerful change tool.

You can be reassured that anything you share in session stays confidential.

 “Yayi has this ability to talk about the most emotionally challenging things in a natural and respectful way” Christophe 37


Highly intuitive, I identify very quickly the pain points which speeds up the results you want to achieve. I provide boundless motivation and support in a non-judgmental space.

“Yayi listens carefully, is very attentive and sees and extracts the precious gems of out peole” Al. 27


Coaching sessions with me are always fun, positive and result-oriented : together we look forward and set goals for the future not for the past. You will always bring fundamental takeaways about yourself.

You understood who I am very quickly! You always emphasise something good about me. A “Yayi cure” always tanks up your batteries!” Marie 31


We work at your Rhythm: I will not give you a set of ready-to-use solutions. The main actor is YOU : by taking back control of your life, you will realise that even if life happens, you happen harder!

Our work together will be limited in time : once you meet the objectives set at the beginning of the coaching process, you will be ready to move forward and enjoy life very differently.

Responsability is the pre-requisite of coaching : you are responsible of the results you get. Taking the step seriously will lead you where you wish. I am here to help you explore your options and use your inner strength to get unstuck and create the change.