Personal vs Professional life : Do you really have to choose?

Very often, someone who has the desire to be supported in her career transition has to choose between:
– Following a traditional career counselling that focuses on editing CV and application letters, on searching jobs related to the experience of the person;
– Hiring a coach to work on personal development.

In other words, it is either a personal or a professional approach, both are rarely combined.

Why would you have to choose?

The Umanda method: a career based on your talents

Halfway between coaching and traditional career advice, the Umanda Methodology combines:
– The power of coaching
– The diversity and richness of professional development tools
– All of which through the lens of your talents in order to identify and develop your zone of genius!

The power of Coaching

What is Coaching ?

Coaching is a powerful result-oriented process that leads you to change. It is a transformational journey where you define and realise your vision and your goals, and along the way you perform a very deep internal work that generates a more sustainable change.

After a coaching cycle, you will overcome obstacles, you will feel a greater self-confidence and you will experience a positive impact in different areas of your life.

Your Umanda journey

Result-oriented: your journey starts with a desire that is clarified and turned into an appealing goal
Measurable result : how does success look like to you?
– Structured: the coaching cycle is divided into several sessions. Each session follows a specific structure designed to get you faster to your outcome
– Effective: Since your time is precious, we get to the point and directly address what hinders your success
Definite number of sessions: your journey with me has a beginning and an end after which you are ready to go !
Humour and positivity: who ever said that change was supposed to be painful? Certainly not me! I can guarantee that fun will be on board!

Diversity and richness of professional development tools

“I’ve spent so many hours re-working my CV and I’m still hearing crickets…”

Do you know that your CV and application are a very small aspect of your career transition? Your worklife has so many dimensions and the tools to help you navigate through it are numerous/plenty: how do you know which ones to use and when?

Being an expert career finder took me to experiment and test many many career development tools. I selected only the most relevant and got appropriate training when necessary.

Like Mary Poppins I have a bottomless bag full of tools I am making available for my clients and that I constantly enrich with my trainings.

Here are a few among many:
– Theoretical Models coming from NLP, Transactional Analysis and other
– Creativity enhancement techniques

Your talents? Your zone of genius

The Umanda Method is founded on a Talent-based  Approach.

As stated in the Oxford Dictionary, a Talent is a natural ability to do something well.

This Talent Approach  is simple :
that which you do with ease and flow
– that which you talk about with sparkle in the eye
– that which you do happily
leads you to your zone of genius

What if during your workdays:

– everything you do works!
– people thank you for you do!
– your activity has a real impact in the world
– you talk about your job with sparkle in the eye!

That’s your zone of genius in action!

Work with me

1-to-1 Coaching

Daring to change your life for the better with me at your side. Getting the occasional kick up the a**. Getting your amazing job, faster than you thought was possible.


The more, the merrier! Who thought you could actually be working on your career while having fun at the same time?

Online Courses

Umanda Coaching’s online programme provides structure and guidance in the confort of your home at your own pace.