I help women who are

Questioning their current work situation

– I’m not where I’m supposed to be
– I’m not using my full potential
– I lack creativity and freedom

Unhappy with their work situation

– I dread going to work every day: I get physically sick at the idea
– I am bored at work
– I am no longer intellectually challenged (I don’t use my brain at work)

Who want to change something but are held back by doubt

– Which way should I go?
– I have a career/job idea but where do I start?
– I have a PhD in procrastination</span

1-to-1 coaching journey 

Umanda’s 1-to-1 coaching consists in a several-sessions process leading you to fulfilling your goals. The coaching session is an exchange where you do most of the talking, whereas I listen without judgment and I challenge you gently yet firmly to help you create change.

Five to ten sessions may be necessary to realise your objectives. The length will depend of your goal and of your investment in-between sessions. I will help you fulfil your goals and you, dear Coachee, will be responsible for your own results.

For you, if you want to:
– know and own your talents, values and desires
follow a professional path in keeping with your values
–  do a job that makes a difference in the world
– restore your self-confidence and self-esteem
– improve your relations

Since the possibilities are endless, book a free 30-min session to get more clarity on what you want!

Emergency Coaching Session

This session is for those of you who have a burning issue that has a degree of emergency.
After setting the details during the clarity call, we meet physically or via Skype to solve your issue.

Subjects examples :
– Conflict with a colleague
– preparation to a challenging conversation
– Hesitation between two job proposal
– Interview preparation
– Salary Negotiation

Not sure what you option will suit you? Book your 30-min clarity session!

Iman says

I wanted to shift careers and didn’t really know what job I could do. I was amidst of deep confusion and I wanted Yayi to help me figure out the kind of jobs where I would be fulfilled and happy. I wanted a job I would choose enthusiastically and not reluctantly. Cahanks to the coaching process with Yayi I reached my objective! At the end of the coaching process, here I am with the fulfilling job I identified in an area I love. I was happy to have those exchanges with a being so human, very professional and who was actually present all the time with me. She really cares. Thanks Yayi

Iman, Sophrologist and Therapist

Work with me

1-to-1 Coaching

Daring to change your life for the better with me at your side. Getting the occasional kick up the a**. Getting your amazing job, faster than you thought was possible.


The more, the merrier! Who thought you could actually be working on your career while having fun at the same time?

Online Courses

Umanda Coaching’s online programme provides structure and guidance in the confort of your home at your own pace.