Work on your career transition in group

Umanda Coaching runs workshops where magic happens. Together we explore a work-related area through group exercises and exchanges so that you will leave the room with big breakthroughs and new insights that will take your projects to the next level.

Non-exhaustive themes of the workshops:
–  Get better in time management!
– Put off procrastination!
– Will you dare to say NO? Assertivity 101
– Master your stress!
– Can you be happy at work

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“Yayi! I really loved the training . I just wanted to thank you helping me to put my fingertip on exactly what I want to do! I realised that going back to work in a hospital was no longer what I want, because I want to share my passion for health in my country to as many people as I can! I eventually managed to match my “WHY” to a thrilling job! Thanks !”

Daisy, Public Health, Nurse

Work with me

1-to-1 Coaching

Daring to change your life for the better with me at your side. Getting the occasional kick up the a**. Getting your amazing job, faster than you thought was possible.


The more, the merrier! Who thought you could actually be working on your career while having fun at the same time?

Online Courses

Umanda Coaching’s online programme provides structure and guidance in the confort of your home at your own pace.