How to work with me? 

There are several ways to start working with me. If you need clarity on the formula that would best suit your needs I am happy to help.
Regardless of the formula you choose, the changes will affect your life in a positive way.

Regular coaching cycle

If you have an challenge you wish to overcome, five to ten sessions to realise your goals. The length depends pretty much of your goal and of your investment in-between sessions.
I will help you fulfill your goals and you, as coachee, will be responsible for your own results.

The coaching session last between 1h / 1h15 by Skype or in situ.

Goal examples : To communicate assertively, change jobs, create a fulfilling professional path …

Two-hour emergency session

This session is for those of you who have a burning issue for which you would like a quick solution. You do not want have regular sessions at the moment.
After a clarity call, we meet to solve this issue for 2 hours.

Exemples : Conflict with a colleague; preparation to a challenging conversation (salary raise, good-bye talk…), hesitation between two job proposal…

Not sure what option will suit you? Book your 30-min complimentary session!