Iman said

I wanted to shift careers and didn’t really know what job I could do. I was amidst of deep confusion and I wanted Yayi to help me figure out the kind of jobs where I would be fulfilled and happy. I wanted a job I would choose enthusiastically and not reluctantly.

I really appreciated that personal approach Yayi used to tailor her interventions to who I am. She helped me ask myself the right questions and find the relevant answers to move forward in my journey. I managed overcoming a fear that had been holding me back for a long time. I gained confidence and freedom to choose and act the way I want.

Thanks to the coaching process with Yayi I reached my objective! At the end of the coaching process, here I am with the fulfilling job I identified in an area I love. I was happy to have those exchanges with a being so human, very professional and who was actually present all the time with me. She really cares. Thanks Yayi

Iman, Public Health Nurse

Moira said

When I started my coaching sessions with Umanda, I was a serious workaholic. I felt isolated, I was working from home, hiding behind my desk and my health suffered as a result.

Thanks to our conversations, I was able to establish more balanced working patterns, listen to my body and also find the courage to approach new people outside the working environment. It was a real life-changer for me! Thank you Yayi!

Moira, Translator and English Teacher

Rebecca said

For years I had a project I wanted to realise but I was being held back.
However, I was afraid of losing the financial security, I didn’t feel legitimate to do it, I felt I was an imposter. So it never took off. Until that day when I met Yayi. She was caring, she was present and respectful. I felt welcomed enough to dare telling people about my project and feeling good about it. Thanks to her listening abilities, I regained a self-confidence that had been there the whole time … under an endless questioning.

TI have to admit that I started the process being sceptical : it was not the first specialist I was meeting. This was the first time I really felt helped and I’m happy to walk this journey with Yayi. I am moving forward and I finally started my business. I warmly recommend her services.

Rebecca, Art therapist

Fanta said

I initially reached Umanda Coaching to support me in my new job : exciting challenge, interesting job description nothing to complain about!
However, after few months I realised that the reality was much more different than what I had been told initially.

Thanks to the conversations and the self-reflecting exercises, I learnt to set boundaries around what I could /couldn’t accept. I also understood that I needed to feel in alignment with my values at work. Yayi’s active listening and questioning helped me identify this value proeminence in my professional life. I was able to take the right decisions about my career for the better because I am now happy and aligned in my new work environment.

Fanta, Human Resources Director