Build a meaningful career based on your talents!

Midway between coaching and traditional career advice, the Umanda Methodology combines:
– The power of coaching
– Diversity and richness of professional development tools
– Through the lens of who you are: your own unique talents!

Find your zone of genius

Umanda Coaching helps ambitious women to build a meaningful and fulfilling career through the exploration and development of their talents.

You do have talents, let them guide you in your career choices to be happy at work and at the right place, finally.

Re-discover your zone of genius and find the meaningful and fulfilling job you aspire to.

Does this sound familiar?

What I feel right now

– I dread Monday mornings bureau
– I don’t feel good at work
– I lost self-confidence in myself
– I find it hard to balance my work and family life
– I find myself running around like a headless chicken with no time for myself
– I’m coming to the end of my maternity leave and still don’t know what’s my next step

What I want to feel tomorrow

– I want to find my true professional path
– I want to do meaningful work that contributes positively to society
– I want to wake up happy to go to work
– I want to feel that I am in the right place
– I want to feel legitimate
– Je veux être bien dans mon boulot
– I want a good work-life balance


Work with me

1-to-1 Coaching

Daring to change your life for the better with me at your side. Getting the occasional kick up the a**. Getting your amazing job, faster than you thought was possible.


The more, the merrier! Who thought you could actually be working on your career while having fun at the same time?

Online Courses

Umanda Coaching’s online programme provides structure and guidance in the confort of your home at your own pace.